When it comes to real courage, “try being a conservative on the Upper West Side of Manhattan” (or Highland Park)

Brother-in-Arms: Our Own Anonymous Makes a Rare Appearance
by Mr. X
September 6, 2018

It appears I have in Washington a kindred spirit, who has discovered the tremendous power of anonymity. In today’s New York Times, someone claiming to work at the highest levels in the White House wrote a scathing critique of his (or her) boss, President Trump, and his amorality. The writer boasts of working with others in the administration to thwart the President’s worst instincts, of which, according to the author, there are many. “Anonymous” has become the main topic of conversation on every cable channel, talk radio show, and the Internet. I understand this, having had to hide my persona for fear of being castigated for my beliefs. READ MORE

SLATE The Obvious Suspect The quest to unmask the New York Times op-ed writer has been filled with speculation. But the article’s prose points to one person in particular

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