Freshman “to do” list: Learn how to be a good American, challenge your teachers, study a language, and tackle hard subjects.

Ten Things They Didn’t Tell You at Freshman Orientation
by David Gelernter
September 3, 2018

10. Relax—you, your fellow students and your professors already agree about nearly everything: President Trump, taxes, environmental policy, military spending, federal regulation, gun rights, voting rights, voting fraud, China, Brexit, immigration, religion in American culture, Ukraine, Putin, school vouchers, public-school spending, corporate average fuel economy, Supreme Court appointments, the space program, urban transportation, highways, Palestinians, Benjamin Netanyahu, the former Iran deal, affirmative action, school violence and many other topics. But now you’re adults. Why not disagree just once, so you can tell your grandchildren about it? READ MORE SUBSCRIPTION CONTENT

THE CHICAGO MAROON Ontario Says Colleges Must Adopt UChicago Free Speech Principles Or Lose Funding The Ontario government is requiring the province’s publicly funded colleges and universities to develop a public free speech policy that adheres to the Chicago Principles [Statement on Principles of Free Expression] by January 1, 2019. Institutions that fail to meet this requirement may suffer funding cuts.

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