“The great majority of Israelis, so violently awakened from Oslo’s delusions, have reconciled themselves to basic realities”

‪Oslo at Twenty-Five: The History of a Delusion‬
by Dr Kenneth Levin
September 10, 2018

In the wake of Oslo’s launching, Arafat and those around him continued to declare their goal was Israel’s annihilation and used their newly acquired control over Palestinian media, mosques and schools to promote this agenda. Accompanying the stepped-up incitement was an increase in terror, which the Israeli government insisted was the work of Hamas and other Islamist factions, supposedly unconnected to Arafat, but which he repeatedly praised and – as the Israelis knew – was deeply involved in propagating. READ MORE

MIDDLE EAST FORUM Palestinians, You Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee The so-called right of return for Palestinian refugees, which UNRWA promulgates through its educational and policy organs, bolsters a sense of disenfranchisement among Palestinians throughout the world. UNRWA’s definition of “refugees” to include millions who never set foot in British Mandate-era Palestine runs counter to international law and practice. 

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