International media dehumanize (or ignore) Ari Fuld and rationalize his murder

Ari Fuld Was Not A ‘Settler’ — He Was An Innocent Victim Of Terror
by Micha Danzig
September 17, 2018

Settler. That is what the international media apparently thinks is most important in this terrible story, followed closely by the idea that Fuld was stabbed in the “occupied West Bank” or near an “illegal settlement.” These descriptions and headlines not only dehumanize the victim by casting him as a faceless “settler,” but also seek to rationalize the murder itself; as if murdering in cold blood a Jew in Judea is somehow less despicable than murdering a Jew in Tel-Aviv, Herzliya, New York or Paris. By this logic, if a Jew lives in Judea and Samaria, then, the Jewish murder victim is not a normal human being whose life is sacred and precious. READ MORE

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Paul Miller: Ari Fuld and Jewish victimhood …Fuld’s death is a tragedy. His wife is a widow and his four children have lost their dad. The fact that he died while his assailant survived cries injustice. On Sunday morning, Jabarin [Fuld’s murderer] set out to murder Jews, only to have his life saved and to be treated for his injuries by the very people he wanted to kill. Ironic? Yes. But it exemplifies the Israeli ethos of respect for all human life, in stark contrast to Israel’s enemies that celebrate the murder of innocents.

ALGEMEINER New York Times Finds Ari Fuld’s Murder Not Fit to Print So it is this week with the murder of Ari Fuld, an Israeli-American whose fatal stabbing on Sunday by a Palestinian Arab the Times has so far deemed not fit to print. search for “Ari Fuld” on the Times website turns up a wire-service report by Reuters and another by AP. But there’s no staff-written report by the Times. The wire service reports did not make it into Monday or Tuesday’s print version.

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