“Halevi said that while “criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitism, criticism of Israel’s existence, denying Israel the right to exist, calling Israel the ‘Zionist entity’ – that is anti-Semitism.””

Author: Criticizing Israel’s Existence, Denying Its Right to Exist Is Modern Anti-Semitism
by Staff
November 16, 2018

Israeli author Yossi Klein Halevi, speaking at DePaul Law School in Chicago, responded to a question about the ethics of “humanizing” Zionists. Halevi explained how anti-Semitism throughout history blames Jews for the day’s ills. Today, “the most loathsome qualities are racism, colonialism, apartheid. And lo and behold, the greatest offender in the world today…is the Jewish state.” Those who refuse to “humanize” Zionists, to humanize supporters of Israel’s right to exist, mark a “classical continuity of thousands of years of symbolizing the Jew.” READ MORE

An excellent short definition of antisemitism from Yossi Klein Halevi

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