“‘It’s time to wander again,’ Mark Lewis tells fellow Jews facing rising antisemitism in Britain and across Europe”

Poll: More than one-third of European Jews have considered emigrating due to anti-Semitism
by Megan Keller
December 10, 2018

More than one in three European Jews have thought about leaving their home in the past five years due to what they call a surge of anti-Semitism causing safety concerns, according to a European Union study published Monday.  Thirty-eight percent of the respondents told pollsters working for the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights said they had considered emigrating because they do not feel safe as Jews in the country where they reside. Twenty-eight percent said they experienced anti-Semitic harassment at least once in the last 12 months and 20 percent said they knew family members or other people who were harassed. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL ‘Europe is finished,’ leading lawyer says as he leaves UK for Israel A top British lawyer and his partner immigrated to Israel this week, citing rising anti-Semitism in Europe. “Europe in my view is finished. Every day you see people being attacked in one way or another across Europe,” Mark Lewis told Israel’s Channel 10 news, which accompanied his arrival, together with partner Mandy Blumenthal, at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport.

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