Atlantic “Jewish peace camp” writer observes Bibi was right: “The Middle East is not democratizing. And this means any peace Israel makes will be made with strongmen, and must be guaranteed by them, in a region the West no longer controls”

Bibi Was Right: The arc of history has bent toward authoritarianism
by Ben Judah
December 18, 2018

…Taking my lead from the late David Landau, the former editor in chief of the newspaper Haaretz, I believed that unless Israel made painful, unilateral sacrifices, all would be lost. I even felt that it was the duty of the Jewish diaspora to wake Israel up to this inevitable tomorrow. Like Peter Beinart, I advocated boycotts of settler leaders and their produce. But Bibi took the opposite bet: that ethnic and cultural change would lead to an anti-liberal backlash making [Hungary’s Viktor] Orbán, not Obama, the model for European leaders…Only watching from Jerusalem, keeping a tab on his visits and his visitors, can you see just how successful Bibi has been. READ MORE

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