Australian Prime Minister steps up for Israel: “In the past, we had abstained on these UN resolutions. Not anymore. And not on my watch going forward”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison tell parliament “Israel’s light is now a beacon of democracy in the Middle East”
February 19, 2019

The UN General Assembly is now the place where Israel is bullied and where anti-Semitism is cloaked in language about human rights. Think about it: a nation of immigrants; with a free press; parliamentary democracy; financially prosperous; the source of innovation in the world; and a refuge from persecution and genocide, is somehow now the centre of cruelty in the world, according to some in the UN. That is intellectual fraud…Last year, at my direction, Australia opposed six resolutions that attacked Israel in the UN General Assembly. In the past, we had abstained on these resolutions. Not anymore, and not on my watch. My Government will not turn a blind eye to an anti-Semitic agenda masquerading as defence of human rights in the UN. READ MORE

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