“While Facebook claims to go after so-called “violent” and “dangerous” accounts, it ignores the thousands of Muslims on Facebook who threaten to rape and murder me on their platform”

If Facebook Were Actually Concerned With Violent And Dangerous People On Its Platform…
by Bosch Fawstin
May 8, 2019

If Facebook were actually concerned with violent and dangerous people on its platform. . . It would be targeting and banning Muslims who, more than any other group, threaten to murder people on their platform. None on Facebook, or in the world, are more violent than Muslims, and they habitually threaten to rape and murder on Facebook without paying a price for it.  And I’m well aware that I have no right to be on Facebook, but unlike those who state that fact as if that’s the end all and be all, I have the right to criticize Facebook for its fraudulent practices. READ MORE

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