“Israeli robots from the companies General Robotics and Gahat Robotics could be man’s best friend in future battlefields”

Israeli robots will accompany soldiers into battle in future wars
by Seth Frantzman
June 6, 2019

…Sharon de-Beer, CEO of Gahat, showed a video of how unmanned vehicles can perform a variety of tasks. These ATVs, for instance, are amphibious. They can go across streams and aid in search and rescue. “The next generation of war will be more robots and less soldiers,” says de-Beer. That means when special forces or infantry need to go into a village, they could have vehicles driving alongside them that don’t require people to drive them. If the soldiers get to a point where they want to investigate what’s behind a house, they can send in the robots. If the robotic vehicle gets shot, it’s not like losing a human life.  READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST The Israeli technology taking down Gazan drones and balloons SMASH 2000 prevents the bullet from being fired until the target is precisely in its cross hairs.

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