PBS lies to further its Palestinians-as-peaceful-protesters-Israelis-as-brutal-oppressors narrative

‪PBS NewsHour Propaganda Piece Attacks Israel with Bogus Exploding Bullets Charge
by Ricki Hollander
August 29, 2019

PBS Newshour has once again grossly deceived its audience, with a propaganda piece that could have come directly from Hamas’ playbook. Coming more than a year after the start of the terror organization’s “Great March of Return,” the report twists those violent riots into an indictment of Israel’s military response. The Aug. 20th special report by special correspondent Jane Ferguson, entitled “Gazans suffer life-shattering injuries when border protests turn violent,” focuses on Palestinian rioters who were injured or lost limbs during the riots, amplifying Hamas propaganda claims about criminal Israeli soldiers targeting innocent, peaceful Palestinian youth and – its central claim – using exploding bullets to maximize the damage inflicted upon their Palestinian victims. READ MORE

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