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PBS lies to further its Palestinians-as-peaceful-protesters-Israelis-as-brutal-oppressors narrative

CAMERA BLOG ‪PBS NewsHour Propaganda Piece Attacks Israel with Bogus Exploding Bullets Charge by Ricki Hollander August 29, 2019 PBS Newshour has once again grossly deceived its audience, with a propaganda piece that could have come directly from Hamas’ playbook. … Continue reading

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CAMERA had it right: PBS’ Judy Woodruff Fails to Correct Ben Rhodes on ‘Thousands of New Settlements’

CAMERA PBS Ombudsman Upholds CAMERA Criticism of Ben Rhodes’ Settlements Falsehood by Tamar Sternthal January 15, 2017 PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler upholds CAMERA’s criticism of the Dec. 23 “NewsHour” interview in which anchor Judy Woodruff failed to challenge or correct a … Continue reading

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PBS airs ‘The Perfect Crime’ about Chicago’s murderous Leopold and Loeb case [VIDEO]

TIMES OF ISRAEL Pair of privileged Jewish teens first used ‘affluenza’ defense in 1924 by Curt Schleier February 8, 2016 …Though press accounts didn’t mention it, [Ethan] Couch wasn’t the first high-profile case to use the “affluenza” defense. That dubious … Continue reading

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PBS presents one-sided view of Netanyahu, forgoing inconvenient context

CAMERA BLOG PBS at War with Netanyahu and Israel by Alex Safian January 7, 2016 One thing that can be said about the PBS Frontline documentary Netanyahu at War is that despite many serious shortcomings, there are some positive aspects … Continue reading

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A documentary that ought to rank with the footage of British troops liberating Belsen

THE SPECTATOR by James Delingpole July 11, 2015 Channel 4’s latest episode of Dispatches, Escape from Isis [which will air stateside on PBS], which includes secret footage inside the terror state, is TV at its most unmissable, says James Delingpole So … Continue reading

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