“Under socialized medicine, Bernie Sanders would have waited weeks instead of a day”

Bernie Sanders Could Have Died Under Medicare-for-All
by Daniel Greenfield
October 4, 2019

…While Bernie’s timetable of getting an angioplasty within a day might not sound that impressive to Americans, in the British NHS system, the median time from assessment to treatment is 55.3 days. Mean times for treatment have been cited as being 80 days. The maximum NHS waiting time is supposed to be 18 weeks and almost 16% of patients in the UK have to wait more than 3 months for an angioplasty. Canada’s socialist system has angioplasty waiting times of around 11 weeks. And that’s after you get an appointment to see a specialist. The usual approach is to hand patients some aspirin and to praise Canada’s enlightened socialist system for not “rushing” patients into the hospital like the Americans. READ MORE

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