“The ADL is becoming a threat to Jews”

The ADL’s Soros, Hamas and Hitler Anti-Israel Conference
by Daniel Greenfield
January 25, 2019

…The ADL had invited a radical [Jewish] bigot whose paper featured pieces with titles worthy of Stormfront such as, “3 Jewish Moguls Among Eight Who Own as Much as Half the Human Race” and  “Why We Should Applaud The Politician Who Said Jews Control The Weather” to discuss anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism, like Israel, was also a pro and con issue at the ADL. Also on the ADL’s list of speakers was Yehuda Webster, a black nationalist activist…Webster wasn’t the only ADL speaker with a history of accusing Jews of being white supremacists. Joining him was Yavillah McCoy who had declared, “When Jews accepted a white identity in America, they participated in sustaining white supremacy.” READ MORE

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