“What is “Kids 4 Peace” and why is this group asking a Jewish camp to raise the PLO flag?”

‪Buyer Beware: “Kids 4 Peace” May Want Israel In Pieces‬
by Micha Danzig
August 17, 2017

Recently, a well-known Jewish summer camp controversially decided to fly the PLO flag. Adding to the controversy, the Camp raised the PLO flag shortly before the observance of the most solemn Jewish holiday of the year – Tisha B’Av and right after the slaughter of three members of an Israeli family, following days of PLO-incited rioting. In response to the uproar caused by the decision to raise the PLO flag, the camp decided to issue an apology — actually, it issued a fake non-apology, in which they “apologized” to anyone who “may have been offended.” READ MORE

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