“The draw of Israelis to physical culture & embodiment began with early Zionist thinkers who sought out to become the “muscle jew” and to flex the muscles of physical survival instead of spiritual faith”

Gal Gadot, Zionism and The ‘New’ Jewish Body
by Kinneret Kim Dubowitz
November 30, 2019

While the fitness craze has ignited people in many countries, and especially those inhabiting warmer climates, this trend towards physical fitness among Israeli Jews may have a deeper root; A story of the transformation of the oppressed Eastern European “Old Jew” and a desire for Israeli society to replace this with the physically fit embodied Israeli “New Jew.”…The “New Jew” would not make the same mistakes of the Jews of the past and grow in weak, unhealthy, therefore defenseless bodies, becoming subject to continuous oppression. READ MORE

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