“Kosher store opened by Leah Mindel Ferencz, who was killed in attack, and her husband, was a foundation stone of new community of Hasidic Jews escaping Brooklyn’s high prices”

Orthodox Jews tried to build a home in Jersey City, the shooting won’t end it
by Ben Sales and Laura E. Adkins
December 11, 2019

Every Friday afternoon, Leah Mindel Ferencz would cook hot kugel and cholent and serve them in the small grocery store she and her husband, Moshe, opened here about four years ago. The couple had moved from Brooklyn, and the store they opened, JC Kosher Supermarket, became a cornerstone of the small but growing Jewish community of Greenville, a largely African-American neighborhood in this city across the Hudson River from Manhattan. The sole kosher grocery for the 100 or so Orthodox families here, the store signaled that the community was there to stay, hopefully for years to come. READ MORE

WASHINGTON POST Jersey City shootout: Mayor says deadly attack on kosher deli was a targeted hate crime The pair had already killed, police say, when their van slowed to a stop on a rain-drenched street opposite the Jersey City Kosher Supermarket and David Anderson jumped out, ready to fire. Inside the shop — a small store catering to the city’s growing population of ultra-Orthodox Jews — co-owner and mother of three Mindy Ferencz was working alongside an employee.

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