Monsey NY machete attack comes amid a frightening spike in anti-Semitic attacks on Jews across New York

Multiple stabbings at the home of a Monsey rabbi
by Ron Kampeas
December 28, 2019

A man wielding a machete walked into a rabbi’s home in Monsey, New York and stabbed at least five people. In a series of tweets, the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council of the Hudson Valley said that five Hasidic Orthodox Jews were taken to hospital on Saturday night, two in critical condition. The Council said the assailant was an African American male, his face partially masked with a scarf. It said the attack took place at 9:50 pm Eastern Time. A number of outlets, including the Haredi Orthodox Vos Iz Neias, identified the building as the Rabbi Rottenberg Shul. Outlets said a Hanukkah party was underway when the attack occurred. READ MORE

CHABAD.ORG Stabbing Attack at Chanukah Celebration in Monsey, New York A Chassidic man threw a table at the assailant and chased him from the home. The attacker then attempted to enter the adjacent synagogue, but was locked out by the people there, who barricaded themselves inside. Five people were stabbed, at least one in critical condition. The assailant fled in a gray car and was reported to have been placed under arrest in New York City two hours later.

NBC NEWS Guardian Angels to patrol Jewish neighborhoods in New York City after recent attacks “We’re a visual deterrence,” said Curtis Sliwa, who founded the unarmed crime-prevention group.

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