Glick: “It is a fact that leftist and black anti-Semites are just as great a threat, if not greater threats to the Jewish community than white nationalist anti-Semites”

When will American Jewry wake up?
by Caroline B. Glick
January 3, 2020

Liberal American Jews need to realize their local and national leaders have been lying to them. For years American Jewish leaders at the national and local levels have been peddling the claim that the ideological and political right poses the greatest threat to the American Jewish community. Not only does the rolling pogrom in New York put paid this lie, but the raw data, collected since the start of the century, also shows this is incorrect. Repeated surveys by the Anti-Defamation League show that African Americans are on average around twice as likely to be anti-Semitic as the general population. Repeated Pew and Gallup surveys show that liberals and Democrats are increasingly anti-Israel and hostile to Jews and conservatives and Republicans are increasingly pro-Israel and hostile to anti-Semites. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Benjamin Anthony in Monsey: To be seen we must first see each other The book of contemporary American Jewry has an end that is yet to be written. But the pages of this moment are filled with tales of Jews who are embattled, Jews who are being assailed, slashed, stabbed, shot and killed for being Jewish. The story is punctuated by Jews who allow fissures to emerge among their own number, Jews who talk past one another, Jews who fail to see one another, Jews who no longer recognize their own brother – or sister. We banish one another not because of the presence of political difference but because of the absence of respectful political discourse.

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