“With families confined at home, country belts out Four Questions, traditionally sung by youngest member of household, asking ‘Why is this night different from every other night?”

Under Passover lockdown, thousands take to balconies to sing ‘Mah Nishtana’
by Staff
April 8, 2020

Tens of thousands of Israelis, locked down by the government and separated from their families on Passover, came out to their balconies to sing together Wednesday night…From Thursday morning until Friday, Israelis will again be permitted to move within their cities and towns for essential needs, but will not be allowed to leave city limits. Exceptions will be made for those who do not have supermarkets and pharmacies in their towns, but they may go only to the nearest town with those services. Jerusalem residents will be confined throughout the lockdown and curfew within the city zone they live inREAD MORE

JPOST No, your coronavirus quarantine isn’t comparable to Anne Frank’s There are quite a few things I’ve been seeing all over my social media feeds ever since the spread of COVID-19 forced everyone to social distance. There are the jokes about no longer wearing a bra, comments about being confused over what day it is and comparisons to Anne Frank hiding in an attic….On Twitter, if you search “Anne Frank” now, you will find an abundance of users tweeting about how they now know exactly how Anne Frank felt after a week in quarantine.

REUTERS Israel makes masks in public compulsory as Passover lockdown begins The Israeli government issued orders on Tuesday requiring citizens to wear face masks in public to try to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus as the country enters a lockdown for the Jewish Passover holiday.

TIMES OF ISRAEL Virus carrier nabbed on bus to J’lem, accused of deliberately endangering public A coronavirus carrier was arrested Sunday on a bus on its way to Jerusalem, on suspicion of deliberately spreading the disease. Police said in a statement that the suspect, a confirmed COVID-19 patient, was taken in for questioning on Route 1, and that all the other bus passengers were ordered to quarantine for 14 days.

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