Israel’s potential directives include: gatherings capped at 10 people, closing beachfronts, synagogues and yeshivot, reducing public transportation, allowing restaurants only to open for delivery

Edelstein says Israel could face total corona lockdown within four days
by Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman
July 15, 2020

Due to the continued rise in coronavirus cases, the government will roll out new restrictions within the next two days, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday. “I ordered that more steps will be taken within the next 48 hours to help flatten the curve,” the prime minister said at a late-night briefing. “We made quick and good decisions in the first wave that led us to be in an excellent situation. Now, we need to take determined steps to get back there and be even more successful.”…READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Besieged Netanyahu announces virus handouts to all Israelis totaling billions Widely panned plan will see all citizens aged 18 and over get checks for at least NIS 750 amid economic crisis, rise in infections; PM denies playing election economics

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