“The story of the unlikely Ginsburg-Scalia friendship is a symbol of political bridge-building and old-school decency”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was A Great American
by David Marcus
September 19, 2020

…No one of us, no group of us can ever truly define America. America is in fact the process of coming to that definition. Ruth Bader Ginsburg had definite ideas about that, most of which conservatives balk at. But the way she went about it, the respect and even love she had for those with whom her disagreements could not be more fundamental, needs to be a beacon for us now. Now that we hate each other and end friendships and feel the dark cloud of disdain for our neighbors, we need to look to Ginsburg and remember it does not have to be this way. READ MORE

NEW YORK POST Inside Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia’s unlikely friendship  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg kept a surprising photograph on display in her chambers — a picture with her political polar opposite. The image showed the late trial-blazing judge and Justice Antonin Scalia smiling and waving together on the back of an elephant during a trip to India in 1994, according to ABC News. Against all odds, the pair had a warm, decades-long friendship despite disagreeing on everything from same-sex marriage to gun rights.

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