A personal message from ArchitectGuy

I would prefer to do this personally, but…If I have said or done anything, in the past year, that has offended or hurt you, either by accident or on purpose, I apologize and ask for your forgiveness. I forgive anyone who may have done this to me.

G’mar Chatima Tova. May you all be inscribed in the book for a good life.

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2 Responses to A personal message from ArchitectGuy

  1. I have been reading your stuff for years, and it is a great synopsis of all the stuff that is out there. Thank you for your energy and thoroughness in presenting articles which have helped me to understand the politics of Israel, and the nuances of the sides. all good, and all because of your diligence. I know we are supposed to ask forgiveness this time of the year, but, I am recognizing this as an opportunity to thank you for your energy and efforts in keeping me educated.

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