An Orthodox Jewish professor at a small SC liberal arts college refuses mandated diversity training

The Man Who Refuses To Undergo Sensitivity Training: An Interview With Political Scientist Professor Jeffrey Poelvoorde
by Elliott Resnick
September 2, 2020

It’s become increasingly common in recent years. Companies require their employees to undergo “sensitivity training.” Employees say nothing and do as they’re told. Professor Jeffrey Poelvoorde won’t stand for it, though. When asked recently by his employer, Converse College, a private college in South Carolina, to watch two videos –“Diversity, Inclusion and Equity” and “Unconscious Bias” – he flatly refused and published a 2,700-word open letter explaining why. “I do not tell President Newkirk or Provost Barker what to read or watch or think. I demand the same respect from them,” he wrote. READ MORE

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