“This display of the #IDF’s technological capability could serve to discourage #Hamas and #PalestinianIslamicJihad from wasting further funds on cross-border tunnels”

Israel’s underground anti-tunnel barrier passes crucial test
by Yaakov Lappin
October 23, 2020

Israel’s underground anti-tunnel barrier and detection system passed an important test this week when the Israel Defense Forces announced that for the first time, the barrier’s sensors alerted the military that a Gazan cross-border attack tunnel had come close. Within little time, IDF engineering forces were able to locate the tunnel, which was dug by Hamas. It appears as if the terror organization that runs the Gaza Strip may have been trying to probe the new barrier, which is nearing completion, and stretches across 55 kilometers (40 miles) of the Israeli-Gazan border…The underground barrier will likely reach completion in March. READ MORE

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