There’s a world of difference between voting in Israel and voting in the US

US Elections 2020: vote count incompetence or malice?
by Nitay Arbel
November 7, 2020

  • There is no “voter registration”: all citizens in the national population registry who have come of voting age automatically get mailed voter summonses to their listed residence address, which list the location and polling station number where to show up
  • Voters are expected to show up with their national picture ID card (which lists citizenship status) or their passport, as well as the summons. If the summons went lost in the mail, there are procedures for ensuring you can vote: but no proof of identity and citizenship? No vote, no way, no how.
  • When you are given your ballot, your name is struck through on the voter list to indicate you voted. (Hence voting at a ballot station other than your designated one becomes, well, a procedure.)
  • The country of my birth had limited means of postal or proxy vote. Israel doesn’t allow any such thing. READ MORE
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