#TheyWillPayForTheirCrimes: “The idea of punishing people who have supported Trump also surfaced among media types including Jake Tapper of CNN and Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post”

Totalitarian Left Promises Purges And Punishment For All Trump Voters
by Carina Benton
November 10, 2020

If 2020 didn’t already feel enough of a Kafkaesque nightmare, the latest bit of depravity from the “hate has no home here” totalitarian left is a ghoulish scheme announced by three former Barack Obama and Pete Buttigieg staffers on Twitter last week called “The Trump Accountability Project.” Aspiring apparatchiks Emily Abrams, Michael Simon, and Hari Sevugan lauded the website whose stated mission is to “never forget those who furthered the Trump agenda.” According to the now privatized site, whose internet archives were captured, anyone associated with the Trump administration, including those who elected him, staffed his government, funded him, endorsed him, worked in law firms for him, and who supported him in general, should be “held accountable.” READ MORE

LEGAL INSURRECTION Lincoln Project Latest Campaign Targets Trump’s Law Firm, Lawyers, and Clients of the Firm This isn’t about President Donald Trump or fighting to uphold a “fair and free” election. This is all about control and shutting down opponents. Grifters have to grift. I guess The Lincoln Project (LP) realized the grift was over after the media announced Joe Biden won the 2020 election. Trump is their cash cow. Without him who would they go after for the dough? The LP turned its eyes to Jones Day, the law firm filing election lawsuits on behalf of Trump.

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