#SwissAir CEO receives an interesting letter

Oct. 9, 2018
Thomas Klühr, CEO, Swiss International Air Lines

Dear Mr. Klühr

We found it very interesting that your onboard inflight map on your flight LX252 to Tel Aviv, removed the name of your destination replacing it with an Arab village Esh Sheikh Muwannis which has not been in existence for 70 years.

We think you are on to something. Replacing the names of present geographical locations with historical names of villages and countries from the past could be very educational and fun for your passengers. For example, while flying to Israel you could replace the word Israel with Judah which is what it was called thousands of years ago. You could add that the word Jew was derived from Judah. That is a fact that will excite trivia lovers. Even your own country Switzerland could be called by its original name, The  Roman Province of Raetia. Zurich could be called by its original Celtic name  Vicus Turicum and and so on.

Another Mideast country Jordan used to be called the Manluk Sultinate. Every other country in the region has borders drawn by France and the UK and all have names not related to their present names. Arab passengers will be thrilled to be informed about their county’s original names. The possibilities are endless. Germany could be replaced with the Third Reich and America by the name that its indigenous people used to describe it, Abya Yala which means “land in its full maturity”.

We hope you will consider our proposal. Please contact us if you want us to assist you to  implement this program. Always at your service.

Alfred Blitt
CEO Linguistic Deconstruction Corp.
Corona, California 92877 U.S.A.

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