BDS-supporting scientist grapples with metaphors…and loses

Nobel Prize Winner Tries to Make the Case for BDS — And Fails Spectacularly
A.J. Caschetta
April 5, 2022

Last year I asked if scientists were more valuable to the anti-Israel BDS movement than Middle East studies and English professors. Judging by the emergence of one prominent scientist to a leadership position in the movement, the answer is no. George P. Smith, Ph.D., is a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry and a lead organizer of the Mid-Missourians for Justice in Palestine. He might be one of the most nimble and insightful minds in the fields of biological and chemical sciences, but when it comes to his anti-Zionism, he is a follower, regurgitating the latest ahistorical narratives and indictments of the Jewish state like an undergraduate activist who’s very confident but knows precious little. READ MORE

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