Obama’s Deal: $150 Billion to Iran to Destroy Israel with Conventional Arms

by Rabbi Aryeh Spero
July 15, 2015

One of the most alarming and catastrophic elements being overlooked in yesterday’s give-away deal to the mullahs is that Iran will soon receive $150 billion dollars. With that money they can immediately go after Israel with tens of billions in horrific conventional weapons, missiles, bombers… way before any nuclear bomb is fully functional. Israel will be overwhelmed as never before…This whole deal would go nowhere, be DOA, if the most powerful Democrat right now in the Senate would announce it as Dead on Arrival. That man is Sen. Chuck Schumer. Where is he? No one knows what he will do. Why should we be guessing? He should be out there, right now, saying No to this accord. Why keep us guessing? Why not some plain, unequivocal talk from him? If he let it be known that he has 20 Democrats prepared to vote against it, and be veto proof, the “negotiations” would be severely discredited and stalled. READ MORE

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