“Goods in areas of the West Bank where the Palestinian Authority maintains relevant authorities shall be marked as products of  “West Bank” and goods produced in Gaza will be marked as products of “Gaza””

US to label goods from Israeli settlements in West Bank as ‘Made in Israel’
by Laura Kelly
November 19, 2020

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday issued new guidelines to label Israeli goods made in settlements in the West Bank as “Made in Israel,” a move likely to draw cheers from the pro-settlement community and criticism from human rights groups that condemn Israeli settlements as infringing on the rights of Palestinians. Pompeo announced the policy shift while on travel to Israel and ahead of a visit to the Israeli settlement of Psagot in the West Bank, marking the first time a sitting secretary of State has traveled to an Israeli settlement. READ MORE

US STATE DEPARTMENT Marking of Country of Origin Press Statement Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: Today, the Department of State is initiating new guidelines to ensure that country of origin markings for Israeli and Palestinian goods are consistent with our reality-based foreign policy approach.  In accordance with this announcement, all producers within areas where Israel exercises the relevant authorities – most notably Area C under the Oslo Accords - will be required to mark goods as “Israel”, “Product of Israel”, or “Made in Israel” when exporting to the United States. 

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