“The left remains the only power that competes with the Likud for power. And if Likud and its coalition partners do not win 61 seats in the upcoming elections, the left will continue to control the national agenda regardless of what the public thinks”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
The Israeli Left is Far from Dead
by Caroline Glick
December 25, 2020

…The left’s post-democratic strategy has two main components. The first is the so-called deep state. The deep state in Israel is an amalgam of senior government officials, the legal fraternity including the state prosecution, the attorney general’s office and the Supreme Court, and the media. Members of these groups are overwhelmingly associated with the left. They use their powers to advance the ideological and political goals of their camp while stymying the right’s efforts to implement its own policy and ideological agenda. This week we were witness to two spectacles of the deep state in action. READ MORE

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