John Brennan–dispatcher of Predator drones and their Hellfire missiles–should understand that checkpoints are a non-violent even if unpleasant security measure”

John Brennan, “Drone Warrior,” laments that the Jews use checkpoints
by Gilead Ini
April 28, 2021

What motivated [John Brennan’s] confounding essay, which slams Israel’s checkpoints and security barrier but ignores the Palestinian violence that prompted them; that, conversely, celebrates a reduction in Palestinian violence but ignores that the barriers play a role in that reduction; that protests the lack of a Palestinian state but avoids acknowledging that Israel has offered such a state; and that criticizes the Israeli government for its increased ambivalence about a two-state solution, but suggests that the Palestinian government is ineffective because it doesn’t reject a two-state solution? Was the man who drew up “kill lists” for the most powerful army on earth really so shaken by the fictional portrayal of two trips through a checkpoint?  READ MORE

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