Patrick Kingsley is a 32-year-old British-born journalist, educated at Eton and Cambridge in English Literature, now #NYT Jerusalem bureau chief; as usual, NYT headlines position Israel as the aggressor, Palestinians as the victims or reactors.

The New York Times Strikes Israel Again
by Phyllis Chesler
May 11, 2021

…Just in the last four days, [NYT Jerusalem bureau chief] Kingsley has written more than 3,000 words about Israel, most of them biased, misinformed, and as highly incendiary as the kites and rockets that Hamas has been launching into southern Israel for some time. The headlines that accompany Kingsley’s articles, often co-authored by Isabel Kershner (and perhaps written by someone else), invariably position Israel as the aggressor and Palestinian “protesters” either as the victims or as the reactors. For example: “Israel Hits Gaza with Airstrikes as Hamas Increases Rocket Fire” and “Evictions in Jerusalem Become Focus of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.” Always unclear, purposely so, is what came first. Was it the more than 200 rockets fired into southern Israel or was it the first-to-be-named but Israeli response—the airstrikes? Do Kingsley and Kershner simply fail to understand that the alleged “evictions” in Sheikh Jarrah/Shimon Ha-Tzadik are legal, under both Israeli and international law—and that this is a question of “provocative” squatters refusing to pay rent to a legal landlord? Or obey the court decision to vacate? READ MORE

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