“In the Middle East, Biden is finishing what Obama started. And his top advisers are all on board”

The Realignment
by Michael Doran and Tony Badran
May 10, 2021

On Sunday, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan phoned his Israeli counterpart and turned back the hands of time. According to the American readout of the conversation, Sullivan called “to express the United States’ serious concerns” about two things: the pending eviction, by court order, of a number of Palestinian families from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem, and the weekend’s violent clashes on the Temple Mount between Israeli police and Palestinian rioters. The Biden administration, in other words, publicly asserted an American national interest in preventing the Sheikh Jarrah evictions, regardless of the dictates of Israeli law—just as Hamas was sending rockets and incendiary devices into Israel with the same message. READ MORE

BREITBART Biden Sends Anti-Israel Official, Hady Amr, to Israel to Encourage ‘De-escalation‘ President Joe Biden has sent Hady Amr, a State Department official with a history of anti-Israel views, to Israel in an effort to encourage Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “de-escalate” the Israeli response to Palestinian terrorist rocket attacks. As Breitbart News reported earlier this year, Amr has accused Israel (falsely) of “ethnic cleansing,” and appeared in the past to justify Palestinian violence against Israelis.

JNS Israel Kasnett: If current Mideast violence a test, some experts say Biden is failing “American silence on Iran’s involvement in Gaza is shocking. They are so eager to sign another nuclear agreement that that they don’t want to antagonize Iran,” said Eytan Gilboa, an expert on U.S. policy in the Middle East at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan.

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