#EilatMazar, Hebrew University scholar who unearthed ‘King David’s palace’ leaves a lasting contribution to the understanding of the archaeology and history of ancient Israel and Jerusalem

Eilat Mazar, One of Israel’s Founders
by Daniel Polisar, Shalem College
May 27, 2021

Eilat Mazar, one of Israel’s greatest archaeologists, passed away this week at age 64. Though born a decade after the Jewish state was established, Mazar is seen by those privileged to know her as being among the country’s founders because she had that rare and unmistakable character of the generation of leaders who brought the state into being against all odds. She was driven by an instinctive love for the Land of Israel, felt deeply connected to the Bible without being traditionally religious, and embraced archaeology, with its alluring combination of the spiritual and the earthly…READ MORE

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