“Nevergreen” has connections to Franz Kafka’s “The Trial” since J, like the accused in the Kafka novel, has no idea exactly what he has done wrong when first accused and there appears to be nothing he can do to clear his name, or just get on with his life”

On campus, the worst is yet to come
by Richard Baehr
August 8, 2021

Andrew Pessin, the author of the comic novel Nevergreen (to be published September first), is a professor of philosophy at Connecticut College. He ignited the furies among the student body at his college over his support for the state of Israel. That experience informs his newly published novel about a doctor invited to give a talk at a fictional college facing the campus lynch mob. The book is titled to evoke the infamous case of Bret Weinstein of The Evergreen State University. Weinstein was hounded out of his professorship and eventually collected a quarter-million-dollar settlement from the University for the outrageous treatment he experienced. READ MEN


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