“If everyone sees themselves first as members of a group, rather than citizens of a country, then Hanson argues, a constitutional republic cannot exist”

The Alarm Bells are Ringing for American Citizenship
by Richard Baehr
October 4, 2021

Victor Davis Hanson, the classics scholar and military historian, has written or co-authored two dozen books and many hundreds of articles. His latest book, The Dying Citizen, is a powerful and carefully developed argument for preserving American citizenship, a unique patrimony now under attack in many ways from many sources, and from all appearances, a losing battle. Hanson provides a history of the concept of citizenship dating back to the Greeks and Romans and makes clear how rare the American experience has been in creating a modern citizenry with both rights and responsibilities. Hanson’s book was mostly written from 2018 through early 2020 and contains a final chapter that updates the impact of the calamitous last year on the citizenship issue, dominated by the coronavirus, racial unrest, and a bitterly fought presidential election. READ MORE

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