An appeal from Clarion Project, an organization I support

The Afghans who helped U.S. forces are now, along with their families, under direct threat of torture, enslavement, and death at the hands of the Taliban, and you can help them. Since the Taliban takeover, we have received hundreds of emails from Afghans who are desperately trying to get out of Afghanistan before the Taliban catch them. They’ve been sending us their heart-rending stories along with their passports and documentation of their involvement with the U.S., hoping that we can help them. We joined forces with a hastily assembled team of volunteers that is handling the logistics of processing documentation from those in danger, staying in communication with them, and helping them find their way to safety before its too late. The US government has unfortunately turned its back on these people who helped us, and they are now turning to us as their last hope for evading the horrors that the Taliban have in store for them.

Your tax-deductible (U.S.) donation will be used to pay for the expenses involved in getting these people out of Afghanistan and with their immediate needs as refugees.

Donate Now to Afghan Emergency Rescue Campaign

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