“The AP’s report on the discovery of a First Temple era toilet omits Jewish references, while a NY Times Rosh Hashanah recipe evokes ‘Canaanites,’ not Israelites”

Flushing the Israel out of ancient Israel
by Tamar Sternthal
October 10, 2021

News headlines last week reported on the rare archeological find of a private Kingdom of Judah-era toilet discovered in the remains of a luxurious mansion in Jerusalem. Haaretz noted the presence of dozens of bowls around the ancient lavatory, about which an Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) official speculated: “they held air freshener, an aromatic oil or incense – anything to make use of the facility less onerous”….While aromatic oil might have done the olfactory trick in the First Temple-period bathroom, all the fragrant incense in ancient Judah can’t conceal the stench of media reports that erase the long, rich Jewish history of ancient Israel. READ MORE

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