Can Gideon Levy explain why “If Arabs can live in Israel, then why can’t Jews live in the West Bank?”

According to Israeli Writer, West Bank Jews Have It Coming
by Dexter Van Zile
December 18, 2018

Gideon Levy hates Jews living in the West Bank. He hates them so much that he feels no sympathy for them when they are murdered by Palestinian terrorists. He even blames them for their own murder. He made this perfectly clear in an article published in Haaretz five days after a newborn baby died after being shot in his mother’s womb in a drive-by shooting by a Palestinian terrorist. In the piece, Levy declared that Jews living in the West Bank “brought it on themselves.” READ MORE

HAARETZ Gideon Levy’s Views on Dead Settlers Are Incomprehensible, Inexcusable and Unforgivable It is clearly possible to bear vehement political hostility to the political settlement movement, but not to murdered settlers. That Levy is no longer able to do so indicates he’s lost his humanity

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