Woman has #antisemitic outburst at Chandler School Board meeting

12 NEWS A woman named Melanie Rettler, who is not a Chandler parent, made an offensive, anti-Semitic claim at a recent Chandler School Board meeting.

UNITED WITH ISRAEL ‘It’s the Jews!’ – Rant at School Board Meeting Left Unchallenged Rettler denounced vaccines and critical theory before finally accusing Jews of profiteering off the pandemic. A video of the two-and-a-half-hour meeting shows Rettler sounding increasingly emotional as she slammed the Jews. “Every one of these things, the deep state, the cabal, the swamp, the elite — you can’t mention it, but I will — there is one race that owns all the pharmaceutical companies, and these vaccines aren’t safe, they aren’t effective and they aren’t free,” Rettler said.

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