#UnitedNations transnational bureaucrats now do Beijing’s bidding

The Demoralization of the U.N.
by Clifford May
November 17, 2021

For decades, the United Nations has wasted billions of dollars, achieved little, and tolerated misconduct – the Oil-for-Food scandal and sexual exploitation by U.N. peacekeepers to take just two examples. The U.N.’s failures have not led to serious reform, and the U.N.’s misdeeds have not led to serious penalties. Nevertheless, its bank accounts are endlessly replenished, with American taxpayers contributing the lion’s share. But the transnational bureaucrats who run the organization do respond to some outside influences. In particular, China’s rulers have been increasingly successfully at commandeering multilateral agencies to further their unilateral ambitions.I’m going to give you one example which I hope will make clear the depth and extent to which the U.N. has been demoralized – in the most literal sense. READ MORE

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