Opening Jan. 27 at the Illinois Holocaust Museum in Chicago, ‘The Journey Back’ puts participants in the narrators’ shoes as they hear their tales of suffering and survival

Holocaust survivors help viewers experience the camps firsthand, via virtual reality
by Cathryn J. Prince
January 27, 2022

Every morning inside the barracks, 599 women each tore a crumb from their small bread rations and gave it to 13-year-old Fritzie Fritzshall, hoping the extra nourishment would keep her alive one more day. In return, Fritzshall promised that if she survived Auschwitz she would tell their story. She kept her word. Fritzshall married and had a son and two grandchildren. She became a hairdresser and was a passionate Chicago Cubs fan. And she helped found the Illinois Holocaust Museum in Chicago, where she served as its president until she died last June at 91. Along the way, Fritzshall told her story and the story of the women to students and educators, politicians and journalists. READ MORE.  To purchase tickets click here

Personal aside here from ArchitectGuy: We were honored to have Fritzie in our home about 30 years ago when she helped us raise funds for the construction of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC

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