Netherlands and Germany will send Ukraine anti-tank weapon systems manufactured by subsidiary of Israel’s state-owned Rafael

Russia-Ukraine War: Israeli-made weapons are heading to Ukraine
by Anna Ahronheim
February 28, 2022

As NATO member states announce that they are shipping modern weapons to Ukraine, Israeli-made weapons are also on their way, even as Jerusalem walks a diplomatic tightrope following Russia’s invasion of the European nation. On Sunday evening, the Netherlands announced that it would send 50 Panzerfaust 3 anti-tank weapon systems with 400 rockets and 200 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles. Amsterdam will also supply 100 sniper rifles and 3,000 additional munitions. The Army Recognition website said that all the military equipment and weapons will be transported to an Eastern European country by American C-17 transport aircraft, which departed from Eindhoven airbase and once on the ground, will be transported by road to Ukraine. READ MORE

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