“Netanyahu congratulated Silman on her decision, thanking her “in the name of many people in Israel who waited for this moment””

Israel’s coalition loses majority as Yamina MK Silman quits government
Shira Silkoff
April 6, 2022

Israel’s government began to crumble on Wednesday after Yamina MK and coalition whip Idit Silman announced her resignation from the government. With this, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s government loses its majority in the Knesset, leaving it neck-and-neck with the opposition at 60-60. If another MK were to leave the coalition, the government could be brought down in a law brought by the opposition that would disperse the Knesset.
Should the opposition have a majority, they would be able to attempt to form a government without even needing to go to elections. The more coalition members that defect, the easier this option becomes for them. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Bennett’s coalition has lost its majority. Could Netanyahu’s Likud now regain power? The opposition has 2 main potential paths to unseat Bennett’s eight-party government. Neither is straightforward, but Idit Silman’s bombshell resignation makes them more plausible

JNS Alex Traiman: Breaking down Bennett’s coalition breakdown If it was not acceptable to the parliament for Netanyahu—the head of the nation’s largest political party with 30 seats—to lead a minority government, why is it acceptable for Bennett to do so with the backing of only five members of the 120-member parliament?

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