A new documentary about the making of #FiddlerOnTheRoof evokes wonder at our idealization of a past that wasn’t very nice

Nostalgia for the Slaughterhouse
Phyllis Chesler
April 27, 2022

…Remember the wedding scene in Fiddler? Tevye is warned by a friendly, local official that he was ordered to disrupt, make a little trouble, nothing too serious … but the real pogroms were all too serious. According to Astashkevich, pogroms came in waves, one after the other, and each one may have “lasted for ten days while the town changed hands … (then) the pogrom would start over with the most vigorous brutality.” In this time period (1917-1921), there were “over a thousand pogroms in about five hundred localities.” Astashkevich considers this a “genocide” and the frequent, systematic use of rape as a weapon may be considered “genocidal rape.” READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Documentary takes film lovers behind the scenes of making ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ ‘Fiddler’s Journey to the Big Screen’ breaks down the movie magic of a beloved 50-year-old musical, and shows how the film brought gentile director Norman Jewison closer to Judaism

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