“No Israeli I know wants that soldier prosecuted, and here’s why”

An Israeli soldier probably killed Shireen Abu Akleh — what should happen to him now?
September 12, 2022

…Why not prosecute the soldier in this new case? Because what we parents know is that too often, while our kids have someone in the crosshairs of their sights, someone else has our kids in their crosshairs. And when that happens, who will emerge alive will depend solely on who shoots best … and first. Hesitate for even a fraction of a second, and that other person can get you first. We have to demand the very best of our kids, the best precision, the best discipline, the best intentions. But if after all that, a horrible mistake gets made, they need to know that the country that sent them into the hell of those streets is a country that will believe them, that will trust them, that will have their back. READ MORE

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