“While the West appeases Iran, Israel is now battling Tehran’s efforts to engulf the Jewish state in a ‘ring of fire’ – a strategy the theocracy adopted from its longstanding partner-in-intimidation, North Korea”

How North Korea Taught Iran to Entrap and Threaten Israel
Mark Dubowitz and David Maxwell
September 7, 2022

As its technology has advanced, Tehran has armed its proxies on Israel’s borders with precision-guided missiles, saturation-fire rockets, and explosives-laden unmanned aerial vehicles. The ultimate, complementary weapon – the nuclear bomb – will be added to this intimidating arsenal. This strategy, which gives the theocracy the conventional tools to regularly harass the Jewish state, while giving the theocracy a nuclear tripwire that might well prevent Jerusalem from bringing real pain to Iran, is similar to what the Kim regime has deployed on the Korean Peninsula. READ MORE

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