What do KIND Bars have to do with Prime Minister Netanyahu ?

Don’t Buy Anti-Israel, Pro-Palestinian KIND Snacks: The Food That Funds Jihadist “One Voice”
January 29, 2015

….Over the years, I’ve been meaning to write about why I refuse to buy KIND brand food and snacks. And now is the time. If you’ve been following the controversy over “One Voice,” the anti-Israel, far-left group to which the Obama State Department gave oodles of money (so did Bush’s State), then you need to remember the name, Daniel Lubetzky. A self-hating, far-left, anti-Israel Jew, he is the founder and President of One Voice…AND he is the founder and President–and LARGEST individual shareholder of KIND Healthy Snacks. Every time you buy KIND food, you are funding his anti-Israel, far-left efforts, including “One Voice’s” attempts to unseat Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and get a left-wing, pro-Palestinian Prime Minister elected in his stead. READ MORE

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